Monthly Cybersecurity Pulse Check for California Organizations

Welcome to our Monthly Cybersecurity Pulse Check! Each month, we seek insights from a diverse array of organizations across California – including businesses, non-profits, and public sector entities – to gauge the cybersecurity climate in our community. Your input helps us understand various needs, challenges, and perceptions related to cybersecurity. Engage in this quick, one-question survey to help shape more secure and resilient organizations throughout California.

How It Works

We will post a new and relevant question related to cybersecurity each month. Topics will range widely from policy and preparedness to training needs or responses to emerging threats.

Respond to the question with a simple click. Your valuable insights can be shared in just a moment’s time.

At the end of each month, we’ll aggregate and share the insights gathered, offering an overview of the collective cybersecurity consciousness of organizations in California.

This Month’s Question

Why Your Voice Matters

Your participation contributes to a broader understanding of how diverse organizations, including yours, perceive and handle cybersecurity challenges. This collective insight is crucial for tailoring resources, guidance, and support to meet the actual needs of California’s varied organizational landscape.