Become a Founding Sponsor of Cybersecure California

Cybersecure California, an initiative by Synergy Computing, has a clear mission: to secure 1 million businesses in our state from cyber threats. While we’re in our nascent stages, the road ahead is promising, and we invite you to join us from the outset.

Why Partner with Us Early?

Vision Alignment: Be recognized as a forward-thinking business that supports cybersecurity initiatives from the ground up.

Priority Visibility: As one of our early sponsors, your brand will be prominently showcased as we grow and expand our reach.

Special Rates: Enjoy preferential sponsorship rates reserved exclusively for our foundational partners.

Foundational Sponsor Benefits:

Permanent Recognition: Your logo will be featured on our ‘Founding Sponsors’ section, even as we evolve and grow.

Content Collaboration: As we develop content, get the first opportunity to co-create or sponsor articles, infographics, or other resources.

Early Access: Receive updates and insights about our platform’s growth and future sponsorship opportunities.

Join Our Journey

Become a foundational pillar of a platform dedicated to creating a digitally secure business environment in California.

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